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Hier ist sie endlich: die neue Optimierungs-DVD für Ihr Heimkino! DIGITAL VIDEO ESSENTIALS ist das offizielle Nachfolgeprodukt für die DVD-Referenz VIDEO ESSENTIALS. DIGITAL VIDEO ESSENTIALS ist sowohl in einer NTSC als auch in einer PAL-Version (jeweils Regionalcode 0) lieferbar und ermöglicht Ihnen, auf einfache Art und Weise Ihr Heimkino in Bezug auf Bild und Ton zu optimieren.

Auszug aus der Original-Produktbeschreibung:

Back in 1997 when critics of DVD were saying the format is only slightly better than laserdisc, Video Essentials clearly illustrated that it can be a lot better. It showed consumers and manufacturers alike how to spot the quality differences. We are now rapidly approaching a point where the majority of video we watch is being delivered in the digital domain. Not all digital is created equal so its time for Digital Video Essentials (DVE) to take on the myths and realities of the new system. Digital Video Essentials (DVE) is the latest program production from Joe Kane Productions (JKP). Its primary goal is to help everyone with the transition from progressive standard definition video to high definition. The program has been produced in the 1080p/24 frame high definition video format with 6.1 channel sound encoded using the Dolbyr Digital Surround EX format. High definition versions of the program will initially be made available in the JVC D-Theater format in 1080i/60 and 720p/60. It will eventually be made available in a third version as 1080p/24. That will take place after JVC acquires a 1080p/24 mastering capability. Important is that the video on the DVD is down converted from the 1080p/24 master to 480p/24 for NTSC and 576p/25 PAL. We're using a technique called "True Progressive Mastering". Progressive standard definition is one step above our interlaced video formats in picture quality and is the next evolution in quality for the DVD format. As much as Video Essentials covered the transition from laserdisc to DVD, DVE on DVD starts at progressive standard definition video. It has about 30% more vertical image resolution than is found in DVD's mastered from 480i/60 or 576i/50 sources. The D-Theater tapes will provide examples of true high definition capability. DVE explores digital technology. It discusses some of the advantages of the technology and shows some of the different kinds of problems that can appear. An important point is made of the fact that not all digital is created equal. Some of it is way beyond what we could do in the analog domain and other parts of it depend on it emulating analog capability. The program is designed for a much larger audience than Video Essentials yet doesn't shy away from introducing new concepts about what should be happening in the future of digital technology. It will help consumers understand the improvements that have come from DVD as well as the future of high definition images. An important amount of time is spent discussing the environment of an audio/video system. Navigation in DVE on DVD is completely different. You are taken on a guided tour with the menu system coming in to offer a break and tell you what's coming next.

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Widescreen, Full Frame, 16x9 Anamorphic
Format: DVD
Region Code: 0
Language: English; Dubbed In: Spanish
Producer: Joe Kane
Comments: 3 Years in the Making! High Quality Conversion to 480p/24 for NTSC and True Progression Mastering used in MPEG encoding, 1:78.1 Widescreen, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels of Video Calibration, Red, Green, and Blue Color Filters, Dolby Digital Pro-Logic, Dolby Digital Surround EX, and DTS ES Multi-Channel Audio Test Signals, More than 50 New Video Test Patterns, 1:78.1 Anamorphic Widescreen and 1:33.1 Test Materials. Color, Dolby Digital Pro-Logic, Dolby Digital Surround EX and DTS ES

Unser Preis:
DVD (NTSC): EUR 39,90
DVD (PAL): EUR 39,90

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